Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Coaching and Instruction


Indoor rock climbing is a rapidly growing sport, and following its 2021 Olympic debut, its popularity is set to increase even further!

At your local wall (Inverness or Fort William), I can offer:

  • 1:2 instruction to teach you the skills to safely, independently use an indoor rock climbing wall for top-roping and bouldering
  • 1:2 instruction to teach you the skills to safely lead climb
  • 1:1 or 1:2 coaching to improve your technique and performance
  • A come and try session

Scroll down for more detailed info on each of these options

I charge £30 for the first hour, and £20 thereafter. This is the same cost for 1 or 2 people (i.e. it can be split between you). This includes use of a harness and belay device, but not climbing shoes. You will be able to learn basic skills while wearing clean indoor trainers. 

Indoor Rock Climbing top roping photo

Learn the skills to use an indoor rock wall for top-roping

Learning to use an indoor rock climbing wall is probably less complicated than you think. However, it is critical that you learn to do so correctly and safely. The key skills we will cover are:

  • Equipment knowledge (harnesses, belay devices, ropes, shoes)
  • Safely tying in to the rope
  • Safely using a belay device to secure a climber, catch falls, and lower a climber
  • Effective communication between climbing partners and safety checks
  • We will also have time to focus on basic climbing technique

Pre-requisite: None, 

I recommend booking two 2-hour sessions on consecutive weeks. The first section we will cover a lot of new information. The second session is important to consolidate and practice everything you have learned.

Indoor Rock Climbing instruction

Learn the skills to safely lead climb indoors

Once you are confident indoor rock climbing using top-ropes, you may find yourself gazing at the lead climbers wondering how to make this next step! For lead climbing, there are lots of skills to learn as both a climber and a belayer. We will cover:

  • Equipment knowledge: ropes for lead climbing, different types of belay device
  • Safe clipping techniques, recognising incorrect clips (back-clipping and z-clipping)
  • Safe movement for a lead climber (avoiding leg behind rope etc)
  • Effective lead belaying (paying out and taking in the slack – when and how much?)
  • Catching lead falls

Pre-requisite: Comfortable top-rope belaying (e.g. as a rough guide, about 20 sessions of indoor rock climbing) and comfortable climbing grade 5+ on top-rope (so that you can feel relaxed whilst making your first clips!)

Indoor Rock Climbing lead climbing photo

1:1 or 1:2 coaching to improve your technique and performance

New to indoor rock climbing and looking to accelerate your learning curve? Or, an experienced climber frustrated with reaching a plateau? Or, looking to break through the next grade barrier? I can help!

During a 1 or 2 hour session  I will watch your climbing technique, and equip you with tools to help progress your climbing. This can include video feedback.

My experience of high performance climbing includes:

  • A background of competitive climbing
    • Best youth ranking 4th in UK
    • Best senior ranking 7th lead, 2nd speed UK
    • Represented GB in Ice Climbing World Cups for 4 years
  • I established and coached a youth climbing team in Aberdeen who went on to produce 2 British Champions.
  • I have worked in climbing walls for several years running a big mixture of class types
  • Completed FUNDAS 1 + 2 , and Foundation Coach Training
  • Personally climbed up ot F7c+

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To discuss booking any indoor climbing instruction or coaching, you can get in touch via the CONTACTS page. [Whatsapp on 07840327446 or email]

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