7 Questions with Angelika Rainer

In our “7 Questions” interviews, we catch up with inspiring people from all around the world and all walks of life, from everyday heros to world class athletes. We chose the 7 questions to try and gain a glimse of personal motivation and philosophy that we can all relate to and be inspired by! 

Introducing Angelika Rainer

Angelika Rainer
Angelika Rainer, professional climber from South Tyrol and three times Ice Climbing World Champion

For our first ever “7 Questions” we meet Angelika Rainer, professional climber from Italy and all round lovely person. Angelika has been three times World Champion for Ice Climbing, and climbed routes up to the grade of D15, M14- and WI10! More recently she has returned to her first love of rock climbing, already climbing two 8c sport routes. Like the rest of us, Angelika has faced a tough lockdown and is now enjoying the discovery of nature closer to her home in South Tyrol. 

1) Draw a 60 second picture of something on your bucket list!
Angelika Rainer Bucket List rock climbing verdon gorge Tom et Je Ris
Angelika's Bucket List Sketch - dreaming about climbing the test piece "Tom et Je Ris" in the Verdon Gorge
2) If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three luxury items would you bring and why?

My little cushion because I can only sleep on a thin cushion, my sunglasses because I have pretty sensitive eyes and because we assume that there is lot’s of sun on the deserted island… and I guess I would bring a toothbrush – I like to brush my teeth twice a day 🙂

3) What is the most inspiring quote or best piece of advice that you have been given? 

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined’ by Thoreau. I saw this quote in the airport on my way to New Zealand, my first ever trip I did alone and found that it was what I would try to do.

4) What’s your favourite adventure snack?

For me a homemade sandwich is the best I can eat in the mountains

5) Share a photo from a moment you remember feeling very happy
Angelika Rainer after clipping the chains on her first 8c sport climb, returning to her first love of rock climbing after ten years on ice axes!
Angelika Rainer after clipping the chains on her first 8c sport climb, returning to her original love of rock climbing after ten years on ice axes!
6) What book, movie or podcast do you think that everyone should experience?

I think that books and movies are very personal choices so I don’t feel like recommending them but I can talk about one of my favourite books. I really liked Open by Andrew Agassi. This autobiography gives an incredible insight into an athletes mind, what it takes to become the World’s best and how close together love and hate can be. 

7) If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

To be more self confident. I feel that as a kid and teenager I lost many opportunities because I thought I was not able to do something and because I was ashamed of what others could think about me. Instead I would tell myself to give a try to whatever I want and to be more open with other people. If you behave in an open, kind way, most people will like you. And there will always be those who don’t, regardless of what you did. 

Thank you Angelika!

You can follow Angelika’s adventures on her instagram here or visit her website www.angelika-rainer.com

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