7 Questions with Adele Pennington

In our “7 Questions” interviews, we catch up with inspiring people from all around the world and all walks of life, from everyday heros to world class athletes. We chose the 7 questions to try and gain a glimse of personal motivation and philosophy that we can all relate to and be inspired by! 

Introducing Adele Pennington

Adele Pennington 7 questions interview

This week we spoke to the inspirational Adele Pennington, one of Britain’s most successful high altitude mountaineers. Adele has climbed six of the world’s fourteen 8000m peaks and was the first British Women to climb Everest twice! After taking a leap to leave her secure teaching career, she went on to become a hugely successful expedition leader, helping teams achieve successful summits all over the world. Adele is now based in the North West of Scotland where she runs her own company “Adele Pennington Mountaineering” – you can visit her website HERE.

Adele kindly took the time to sit down and answer our “7 Questions” – thank you!

1) Draw a 60 second picture of something on your bucket list!
Adele Pennington Old Man of Hoy sketch
Adele's 60 sketch - The Old Man of Hoy

The old man of Hoy has been on my tick list for years but i want to lead it in good style.

2) What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given, or your favourite quote?

My favourite quote which now resonates every time I am climbing a mountain. “ Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory” Ed Viesturs  Only the other day I was doing an easy winter route on my own on a hill near Glenfinnan.  The winds had me pinned to the floor so I had no hesitation in retreating and no regrets afterwards.

3) If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three luxury items would you bring and why?

A pencil and paper to write a book and a penknife to keep the pencil sharp so i didn’t have any excuses not to write.

4) Share a photo from a moment you remember feeling very happy, with a caption to explain why
Adele Pennington Makalu Summit

Picture taken on the Summit of Makalu on my second attempt. This summit picture is so special as on my first attempt on Makalu I had a very close shave which was followed by thoracic surgery for an empyema. The effort, determination to get back to fitness and the joy that i could still climb high was overwhelming.

5) Can you please recommend a book, movie or podcast?

Regions of the Heart by Ed Douglas and Dave Rose. A very insightful read about the triumph and Tragedy of Alison Hargreaves

6) If you suddenly found yourself with an unexpected free summer evening, how would you spend it?

If there were no midges i would head to Clach a’ Phrionnsa for some bolted climbs. If the midges were about I would take my road bike for a spin up Loch Arkaig

7) If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Chill ! Something I have only started to learn how to do during this year of lock downs

Thank you Adele!

You can find out more about Adele and her mountaineering company on her website HERE, or visit her facebook page HERE.

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